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Vata Massage Oil (8901)

Vata Massage Oil is an ayurvedic massage oil which balances the element of Vata in the body, and contains essential oils such as Lavender, Bergamot, Fennel and Sandalwood in a sweet Almond oil.

Vata Dosha is composed of the elements of Air and Space and it governs all movement in mind and body. It is the leader of the other doshas, so it is very important to keep Vata in good balance. When Vata Dosha is imbalanced, it results in a sense of ungroundedness and restlessness which in turn can create anxiety, fatigue and insomnia.

Description:The key to balancing Vata is to create a calming effect in the mind that at the same time re-energizes the body. This rare combination of oils immediately soothes the mind with its calming elements and brings a relaxing effect on the body. It grounds the whole physiology with its earthy characteristics and helps to restore energy, while strengthening the nervous system.

Application:Gently apply a few drops in the palm of your hand with slow circular movements on the lower back and kidney area for a grounding and calming effect.

Vata Massage Oil

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£21.49 (inc VAT) £17.91 (exc VAT)

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Vata Massage Oil
include Lavender, Bergamot, Sweet Fennel and Sandalwood in Sweet Almond oil
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