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OshPaypalBanner.jpgHere is a selection of 100% natural facial toners to keep your skin balanced. 

Your skin has a pH of about 5.5 so the skin care regime that you employ should be directed towards maintaining this. Hydrolats, which have a natural pH of from 3-6 are the main ingredients in these products. 

You will find specialist products on this page from Oshadhi Skincare, and from MoorSpa, together with the traditional 'facial waters' from Oshadhi.

  • Clarifying, anti-inflammatory

    Clarifying Facial Toner is a natural skin care product for sensitive skin care. It combines three soothing aromatherapy essential oils perfect for sensitive skin. Essential oil Chamomile has traditionally been used for many...

  • Anti-septic, purifying

    Deep Cleansing Facial Toner is a natural facial cleanser containing aromatherapy essential oils to purify the skin. The perfect natural skin care product for clean, healthy skin. Pure essential oils Mint, Thyme and Lavender...

  • Herbal Toner

    This 100% natural toner enhances skin tone and texture, and restores the natural skin balance with the active ingredients of the moor. This fragrant toner combines moor water with pure lavender water and therapeutic grade...

  • Moisturising Facial Toner

    Moisturising Facial Toner is a natural skin care product dry skin care. Delicate skin will also benefit. Aromatherapy essential oils Thyme Linalol and Rosemary oil contain antiseptic properties to cleanse the skin. Thyme...

  • Revitalizing, refreshing

    Refresh Facial Toner is a natural facial toner. A delightful combination of aromatherapy essential oils to freshen and tone the skin. Pure essential oils Lavender, Mint and Rosemary essential oil contain antiseptic...

  • Reviving, revistalising

    Rejuvenating Facial Toner is a vitalizing natural skin care product for ageing skin. A combination of three aromatherapy essential oils to help revive, cleanse and tone ageing skin. Essential oil Rose is soothing to the...