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OshPaypalBanner.jpgHere is a selection of 100% natural facial toners to keep your skin balanced. 

Your skin has a pH of about 5.5 so the skin care regime that you employ should be directed towards maintaining this. Hydrolats, which have a natural pH of from 3-6 are the main ingredients in these products. 

You will find specialist products on this page from Oshadhi Skincare, and from MoorSpa, together with the traditional 'facial waters' from Oshadhi.

  • Luxury, paraben-free organic facial care.

    Facial Tonic Organic, (#33302 - 125ml) - a luxury natural skin toner for all skin types that is free from parabens and other harmful chemicals. Contains pure natural plant extracts sourced directly from farmers and farmers ...

  • Clarifying, anti-inflammatory

    Clarifying Facial Toner, (#5330 - 50ml) is a natural skin care product for sensitive skin care. It combines three soothing aromatherapy essential oils perfect for sensitive skin. Essential oil Chamomile has traditionally...

  • Anti-septic, purifying

    Deep Cleansing Facial Toner, (#5320 - 50ml) is a natural facial cleanser containing aromatherapy essential oils to purify the skin. The perfect natural skin care product for clean, healthy skin. Pure essential oils Mint,...

  • Moisturising Facial Toner

    Moisturising Facial Toner, (#5310 - 50ml) is a natural skin care product dry skin care. Delicate skin will also benefit. Aromatherapy essential oils Thyme Linalol and Rosemary oil contain antiseptic properties to cleanse the...

  • Revitalizing, refreshing

    Refresh Facial Toner, (#5300 - 50ml) is a natural facial toner. A delightful combination of aromatherapy essential oils to freshen and tone the skin. Pure essential oils Lavender, Mint and Rosemary essential oil contain...

  • Reviving, revistalising

    Rejuvenating Facial Toner, (#5340 - 50ml) is a vitalizing natural skin care product for ageing skin. A combination of three aromatherapy essential oils to help revive, cleanse and tone ageing skin. Essential oil Rose is...

  • Herbal Toner

    Herbal Toner, (#m121 - 120ml) This 100% natural toner enhances skin tone and texture, and restores the natural skin balance with the active ingredients of the moor. It combines moor water with pure lavender water and...

  • Hydrating Toner

    Hydrating Toner, (#m123 - 120ml) This cooling and toning alcohol-free toner, perfect for dry and devitalized skin, contains hydrating and softening botanical extracts that 'plump' thirsty skin. Use regularly to retain a...