The Story of Oshadhi

Malte Hozzel width= The inspiration for the collection of Oshadhi Essential Oils comes from the tireless enthusiasm of Dr Malte Hozzel, a naturalist and teacher with a passionate interest in medicinal plants. Over the last 25 years Malte has travelled the world in a quest to find the best and purest oils, sourcing them direct from the growers. The oils are now sold in over 20 countries around the world. Here he explains his motivation.

Our Goal
Our goal has always been simple: to create and distribute a collection of essential oils which stand out through their uncompromising purity. The magic of Oshadhi essential oils - their outstanding therapeutic efficiency and depth of fragrance - stems of course from the plants themselves. What we have added (and this is our great strength) is our understanding. We do our best to ensure that each product contains the intelligence and healing power of the plant in its purest form. It is wonderful that this healing power can be available in a little cobalt blue bottle: so simple, neat, and beautiful.

Our Quest
Our 'treasure hunt' for the best essential oils goes on and on, never ending, always more surprising, always more demanding. This is a challenge we relish. During our quest, we have established strong ties with over 100 farmers of medicinal plants throughout the world.

Working with Farmers
These farmers are committed to the wise and prudent treatment of the soil and have demonstrated a deep respect for nature. Many do the same work as their father and grandfather did, often using traditional stainless steel or copper stills which provide the optimum conditions for the full aroma of the essential oils and maintenance of the active ingredients.

Responsible Ecological Farming
During our search we have witnessed ever-increasing degradation of the soil due to the misuse of natural resources. This is specifically due to the clear-cutting of plants, over-harvesting, the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, and mono-cultural farming. Unfortunately few farmers are aware of the dramatic consequences of these widespread practices. Our commitment is therefore to promote organic farming and to work with producers who know how to handle nature in a loving and caring way. Whenever we make contact with new farmers we immediately draw their attention to the far-reaching positive consequences of responsible ecological farming.

Cooperation and Mutual Respect
We are convinced that cooperation, exchange of knowledge and mutual respect are the best means to echo back the message of nature reflected in the wonderful gift of these plants. We enjoy being able to be a piece in this puzzle of awakening to new values of life, of beauty, of wisdom and of health - and we thank everybody who participates in this goal.

- Dr Malte Hozzel, Founder Oshadhi Essential Oils