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Synergy Sets

Synergies are blends of essential oils which have been created for a particular use. Here are some sets of three blends we've created. Each has a theme.

  • Bodytype Blends Set

    Bodytype Blends Set contains 5ml of each of Peace of Mind - A blend for Vata, Composure - A blend for Pitta, Vitality - A blend for Kapha. These three synergies are formulated around the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge of body...

  • Clear Mind Synergy Set

    Clear Mind Synergy Set contains 10ml of each of Clarity Blend, Focus, Concentration. This is a perfect boost for anyone with exams looming on the horizon, or simply to help focus and concentration.Clear Mind Synergy Set, ...

  • Multitasking Synergy Set

    Multitasking Synergy Set contains 5ml of each of Relaxing Blend, Well Being Blend, Uplifting Blend. These three blends are perfect for most situations. Simply add a few drops to a carrier oil, and you have a massage blend...

  • Spiritual Synergy Set

    Spiritual Synergy Set contains 5ml of Prana Fresh, and 10ml of Meditation and Himalaya: Deep Wisdom. These spiritual synergies will clear your mind, soften your breath, and speed you on your path to spiritual insights and...

  • Synergy Set for Men

    Synergy Set for Men contains 10ml of each of Revitalizing, Terra: Grounding, Angst Away. Men enjoy oils too! So here's a selection of masculine blends to add vigour and reduce stress.Synergy Set for Men, (SP4502)...