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Synergy Blends

synergy.jpgEssential oils can have even more powerful effects when blended together skilfully and synergistically.

Synergies can be used in a room diffuser, inhalation patch, inhalation stick or added to a carrier oil (normally about 3% synergy in 97% carrier oil) and used in a massage.

These 'synergy blends' have been created with specific uses or purposes in mind. Please select from one of the subcategories shown below, depending on the effect or influence you want to create.

  • Balancing, Comforting

    A Changing Woman to help even out the roughness and the cyclical ups and downs that some women experience at the transitional phase in their lives. A warm, herbaceous aroma.A Changing Woman, (A4295).

  • Refreshing, strengthening

    Angst Away is a dynamic synergy that encourages relief and recovery from anxious moments, worrisome times, or general uneasiness. It refreshes, balances, and strengthens. Keep a bottle handy in your purse, at your desk, and...

  • Autumn Glory: Restore

    Autumn Glory: Restore is a warming, energetic combination of essential oils to encourage renewed strength and vigour. Diffuse to refresh the air in home or office. Revives the mind, promoting confidence and focus.Autumn...

  • Balancing, supportive

    Balancing is a gentle, yet fortifying blend that balances the emotions while promoting stability, self-confidence and a positive outlook. Resins and citrus fruits convey depth and sweetness to accompany you during the...

  • Blossoms Leaves Fruits

    Blossoms Leaves Fruits is a refined and enchanting blend of over 50 essences. Soft, familiar spices offer a landscape of images and seasonal reflections. Use in a diffuser before bed to relieve tension. The warm, comforting...

  • Bodytype Blends Set

    Bodytype Blends Set contains 5ml of each of Peace of Mind - A blend for Vata, Composure - A blend for Pitta, Vitality - A blend for Kapha. These three synergies are formulated around the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge of body...

  • Childhood Dreams

    Childhood Dreams, with its light, herbaceous and delicately sweet aroma, is a light hearted combination that sweetly disguises the medicinal qualities of eucalyptus while acting as an aromatic lullaby especially for little...

  • Christmas Star: Rejoice

    Christmas Star: Rejoice embodies the joyful expression of gratitude and triumph. Invigorating and elevating, this delightful blend was born to accompany family gatherings and festivities. Diffuse in the home or in the...

  • Citrus Grove

    Citrus Grove is optimism in a bottle. Excellent in the morning to brighten the day. Perfect for an afternoon energy boost, and wonderful to refresh the evening hours. Used as a room mist, this lively scent freshens and...

  • Stimulating, uplifting

    Clarity Blend is a must whenever mental alertness is needed as it promotes concentration and focus. Stimulates without causing nervousness. Perfect for studying or working late. Use in a diffuser or personal inhaler stick...

  • Clear Mind Synergy Set

    Clear Mind Synergy Set contains 10ml of each of Clarity Blend, Focus, Concentration. This is a perfect boost for anyone with exams looming on the horizon, or simply to help focus and concentration.Clear Mind Synergy Set, ...

  • Composure - A blend for Pitta

    Composure - A blend for Pitta will settle down thoughts of irritability and fire. It will cool and soften the feelings and warm the heart. It is designed to suit the ayurvedic 'pitta' body type.Composure - A blend for...

  • for mental focus

    Concentration is a synergy which has been carefully blended to restore balance when the mind wavers. Use in a diffuser when you need to keep your mind on the task at hand.Concentration, (4071).

  • Deep Peace

    Deep Peace allows you to slow down the pace of everyday life, relax and access your inner Being. Containing Sandalwood, which has been used for centuries in spiritual ceremonies and as an aid to meditation, Deep Peace has a...

  • Easy Digest

    Easy Digest is a blend of the finest pure essential oils. It contains cumin, fennel, anise, and coriander, all of which support the digestive system.Easy Digest, (4310).

  • Uplifting, strengthening.

    Energy: Vitality embodies the choreography and vigour of the botanical world bathed in pure sunlight. Energetic and bright, it uplifts and strengthens the spirit, and promotes emotional equilibrium. Freshen your home or...

  • Ester Blossom: A Woman's Balance

    Ester Blossom: A Woman's Balance has a delightful sweet, flowery aroma. Profoundly calming, comforting, and balancing, this delightful, assuring synergy is gently uplifting while promoting emotional steadiness. The aromatic...

  • Relaxing, calming, restful

    Evening Peace is a trio of herbs that offers unparalleled relief from a stressful day. Eases irritability and promotes a relaxed, calm attitude. Use in a diffuser or mist to fragrance your home. Perfect before bed to...

  • Felicity: Inspiration

    Felicity: Inspiration is a blend that captures the essence of creative, inspirational living. White jasmine flowers enchant and encourage artistic expression. Citrus uplifts and delights, providing motivation and enthusiasm...

  • Lifting, stimulating

    Focus is a great choice if you have to study late or have to burn the midnight oil. Everyone finds that concentration can tend to waver after a certain time. Rather than reach for a caffeine hit, why not try Focus? With its...