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Student Sets

student-sets.jpgHere are some sets of Synergy Blends for you to enjoy. The single blends Relaxing, Uplifting and Well Being, are designed for students who want to use essential oils but don't have the qualification to blend themselves. Please select from the list below. Click on the product name for more detailed information. See also How to use essential oils and how to use synergy blends.

  • Bodytype Blends Set

    Bodytype Blends Set contains 5ml of each of Peace of Mind - A blend for Vata, Composure - A blend for Pitta, Vitality - A blend for Kapha. These three synergies are formulated around the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge of body...

  • Clear Mind Synergy Set

    Clear Mind Synergy Set contains 10ml of each of Clarity Blend, Focus, Concentration. This is a perfect boost for anyone with exams looming on the horizon, or simply to help focus and concentration.Clear Mind Synergy Set, ...

  • Multitasking Synergy Set

    Multitasking Synergy Set contains 5ml of each of Relaxing Blend, Well Being Blend, Uplifting Blend. These three blends are perfect for most situations. Simply add a few drops to a carrier oil, and you have a massage blend...

  • Relaxing, soothing, comforting

    Relaxing Blend For anyone who finds it difficult to relax, the sweet comfort of this blend will soften the emotions.Relaxing Blend, (4618).

  • Spiritual Synergy Set

    Spiritual Synergy Set contains 5ml of Prana Fresh, and 10ml of Meditation and Himalaya: Deep Wisdom. These spiritual synergies will clear your mind, soften your breath, and speed you on your path to spiritual insights and...

  • Synergy Set for Men

    Synergy Set for Men contains 10ml of each of Revitalizing, Terra: Grounding, Angst Away. Men enjoy oils too! So here's a selection of masculine blends to add vigour and reduce stress.Synergy Set for Men, (SP4502)...

  • Uplifting Blend

    Uplifting Blend The citrus notes combine beautifully with sandalwood to create a blend that is refreshing and uplifting.Uplifting Blend, (4619).

  • Well Being Blend

    Well Being Blend An enormously warm and comforting blend, dominated by the deep vanilla chocolatey aroma of the benzoin.Well Being Blend, (4621).