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  • Clarity of mind, reduces worrying
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Sthapani Marma Therapy Oil (8018)

Sthapani Marma Oil is for use in connection with Sthapani marma point, one of the 'Maha' (great) marma points, located at the 'third eye'. Sthapani means 'that which is steady and stable, giving strength and direction'. The third eye is the center and the heart of the head. Sthapani controls the 6th Chakra (Ajna), and the six Nadis of the head that are emanating from it and provide eyes, ears and nose with prana energy. In addition it acts on the pituitary gland. Since the pituitary is superior to all other hormonal glands, this Marma is generally hormone regulating and has therefore very wide reaching influences on body functions, as on the state mind. Sthapani rules the inner light, the light of consciousness. Sthapani clears mind and thinking, strengthens Prana, Sadhaka, and reduces worrying.

Sthapani Marma Therapy Oil

Clarity of mind, reduces worrying

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Sthapani Marma Therapy Oil
Amyris, Sandalwood, Rose in a base of Sweet Almond
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