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Specific Uses

specific-uses.jpgThe versatility of essential oils is truly amazing, and the selection below have all been blended with a specific purpose in mind. Focus is the best seller in this category. Please select from the list below. Click on the product name for more detailed information. Please select from the list below. Click on the product name for more detailed information. See also How to use essential oils and how to use synergy blends.

  • Balancing, Comforting

    A Changing Woman, (#A4295 - 10ml) to help even out the roughness and the cyclical ups and downs that some women experience at the transitional phase in their lives. A warm, herbaceous aroma.

  • Autumn Glory: Restore

    This warming, energetic combination of essential oils encourages renewed strength and vigor. Perfect as a foot and leg massage for an aromatic pick-me-up, or as a full-body treatment to support circulation and ease muscle...

  • Blossoms Leaves Fruits

    A refined and enchanting blend of over 50 essences. Soft, familiar spices offer a landscape of images and seasonal reflections. Apply a few drops on the feet before retiring to relieve tension. Massage a drop or two on the...

  • Christmas Star: Rejoice

    Embodies the joyful expression of gratitude and triumph. Invigorating and elevating, this delightful blend was born to accompany family gatherings and festivities. Diffuse in the home or in the office, especially during the...

  • Stimulating, uplifting

    A must whenever mental alertness is needed as it promotes concentration and focus. Stimulates without causing nervousness. Perfect for studying or working late. Massage a drop or two into the temples, or diffuse into the...

  • Ester Blossom: A Woman's Balance

    Profoundly calming, comforting, and balancing. This delightful, assuring synergy is gently uplifting while promoting emotional steadiness. The aromatic esters address many types of muscular spasm, especially those...

  • Genito-Urinary Care

    Genito-Urinary Care, (#A4297 - 5ml) is a blend of the finest pure essential oils. It contains tea-tree, manuka, and lavender highland.

  • Penetrating and uplifting

    Prana Fresh, (#4313 - 5ml) (Prana = breath in Yoga), has a light, sweet yet penetrating aroma, which will make you want to fill your lungs deeply with the joy and essence of life. Tune in to nature, for breath is life...

  • Summer Solstice: Celebration

    Bright and refreshing, this synergy has an irresistible fragrance that lifts th spirit and invigorates while cleansing and purifying the air. Diffuse or mist in the home to encourage good cheer and enliven festive occasions...

  • Winter Dreams: Positive Thoughts

    A sincere blend that combines the anti-depressive qualities of citrus with the comforting properties of warm spices. Promotes positive thinking and a benevolent attitude. Diffuse in your home for a hospitable ambience...