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PaypalOshLogo.jpgIt is a pleasure to present some spectacular products on this page. The amazing Tiefenmoor (Deep Moor) from Moorspa is one of nature's skincare secrets and forms the basis of all the masks. The array of herbal properties, trace elements, biologically active matter and organic substances present in the Moor are easily absorbed to the body either internally or through the skin. The Moor compound is  anti-inflammatory and also detoxifying. It absorbs body wastes and other toxic substances in the system. It also has a balancing influence. The Moor stimulates circulation to the area in which it is applied. Kirlian photographs of Moor samples also reveal that it contains a subtle life energy indicated by strong corona discharges.

You will also find some serums from Moorspa for different skin types and the Oshadhi anti-age serum.

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