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Serums & Masks

PaypalOshLogo.jpgIt is a pleasure to present some spectacular products on this page. The amazing Tiefenmoor (Deep Moor) from Moorspa is one of nature's skincare secrets and forms the basis of all the masks. The array of herbal properties, trace elements, biologically active matter and organic substances present in the Moor are easily absorbed to the body either internally or through the skin. The Moor compound is  anti-inflammatory and also detoxifying. It absorbs body wastes and other toxic substances in the system. It also has a balancing influence. The Moor stimulates circulation to the area in which it is applied. Kirlian photographs of Moor samples also reveal that it contains a subtle life energy indicated by strong corona discharges.

You will also find some serums from Moorspa for different skin types and the Oshadhi anti-age serum.

  • Cream Mask

    Suitable for dry or sensitive skin, this is an excellent alternative to the pure moor mask. The combination of moor peat and a soothing cream base of olive oil, coconut fatty acids and Lavender essential oil, is perfect for...

  • Facial Mask

    Moor Spa's signature skin treatment which contains 100% pure vital moor complex, with no added ingredients. This organic treatment deeply nourishes and replenishes skin for increased supplesness and a healthy, youthful glow...

  • Kelzyme Mask

    This unique mask enlivens the skin with sea kelp, enzymes and minerals for superior exfoliation, skin tightening, cleansing and improved skin tone. Good for all skin types. Key Features: - Contains over 40% Kelzyme - Rich...

  • Peel Off Mask

    Formulated to seal in moisture as it sets. The Clay and Moor Peat combination is wonderful for skin purification, while retaining moisture. It is suggested to use the Peel Off Mask after application of any of the Moor Spa...

  • Platinum Supreme AA Serum

    For best results use in conjunction with Platinum Supreme Anti-Ageing cream Oxidative stress causes sagging and wrinkled skin. Over time, increased stress causes collagen fibres to break down leaving skin with visible signs...

  • Plumping Serum (fine lines, smoothing)

    A needle-free treatment that helps smooth and significantly decrease the appearance of facial lines, wrinkles, creases, and crow's feet. Suitable for all skin types. Key Features: - Palmitoyl Tripeide-5: a highly advanced,...

  • Pumpkin Peel

    Not suitable for sensitive skin. Intense enzyme peel treatment that exfoliates & smoothes skin for a renewed texture and appearance. Combines Pumpkin peel with Papain & Bromelian enzymes and Glycolic acid. Key Features: -...

  • Radiance Serum (brightening - acne)

    The perfect daily solution for brightening the skin and reducing acne scars and hyper-pigmentation. As it restores radiance, this light but powerful serum improves skin's vitality, lifts and elevates to an all-over glowing...