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sensual.jpgIf you are planning a romantic evening at home, you will love this selection. The aromatherapy blends listed below have been selected for their sensual and romantic quality, some are considered to be aphrodisiacs. Sacred Nights is our best seller in this range. Please select from the list below. Click on the product name for more detailed information. See also How to use essential oils and how to use synergy blends.

  • Pearl: Passion & Desire

    Pearl: Passion & Desire is refined and elegant yet outgoing and approachable. A beautifully balanced blend made with the most sensual and seductive of essential oils. This alluring fragrance creates a sense of...

  • Queen of Roses

    Queen of Roses is an aromatic poem to the most celebrated of flowers, the rose. This synergy supports and soothes the nervous system and is an oasis of comfort and inspiration. Delicate, sweet and bright aroma with a hint...

  • Sacred Nights

    Sacred Nights is a sensual, intriguing and floral aroma. Perfect at night time when you just need to forget the day and escape. Put a few drops on your pillow or use in a diffuser to create a relaxing and dreamy atmosphere...

  • Tenderness

    Tenderness is a deep, sensual, feminine blend which could have been Cleopatra's seductive anointing oil! It relaxes while encouraging confidence and emotional warmth. Diffuse for a romantic evening. Sweet, warm, floral...

  • Tropical Nights

    Tropical Nights ... Perchance to dream ...this uplifting, sensual blend invites you to let your mind relax and travel to distant shores where the nights are warm and enchanting. Excellent to relax, soothe, and encourage...