Sandalwood Essential Oils

sandalwood-essential-oils.jpgSandalwood is one of those incredible oils that acts on many different levels of the body, mind and spirit, and it is not surprising that it is so revered. It is at the same time spiritual and grounding, earthy and ethereal, harmonising and liberating, relaxing and uplifting.Forever associated with spiritual pursuit, and incense, the oil also has use in cosmetics and skincare, being soothing and cooling.

It takes 60 years before the Sandalwood tree is ready to give its oil, and the current explosion of interest in this oil was not anticipated many years ago. As a result, Indian Sandalwood, which is considered to have the most wide-ranging effect, has become an endangered species and the only oil that you should purchase carries the AGD mark (approved by the Indian Government). Pacific Sandalwood is a great alternative. Sandalwood combines beautifully with rose, jasmine, two other oils forever associated with liberation and higher consciousness.