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Rose Essential Oils

rose-essential-oils.jpgRose is by common consent the most exquisite essential oil. It has always been associated with the heart, and indeed its main action is on the emotions. It uplifts, soothes, engenders harmony, promotes love, forgiveness and well being, increases sexual desire, increases feelings of attractiveness, and eases anxiety.

It is a wonderful oil for reducing stress, and although it has a special affinity for supporting the female reproductive system, should not be thought of only for women, as it can help to reduce feelings of anger and frustration in teenage boys.

The other outstanding use of Rose oil is in skin care. It has a special affinity with ageing and mature skin, and broken capillaries, where its toning effect can reduce the appearance of redness. Rose is also famous for being costly: it takes approximately 3 kilos of fresh rose petals to create 1ml - just 20 drops - of essential oil. The good news is that a less costly oil is produced by the method of extraction, known as Rose Absolute, as opposed to the distilled oil which is also known as Rose Otto. Rose Absolute is more intense, more straightforward, while the otto has a delicacy which is quite divine. Rose contains an extraordinary 400 different compounds, and blends beautifully with many oils, especially jasmine, neroli, geranium, lemon, mandarin, and ylang ylang.

  • Bulgarian Rose Organic, Rosa damascena

    Bulgarian Rose seems to be the most 'targeted' of all the rose oils. It has a directness, a power, tremendous reach and energy. This would perhaps be my rose oil of choice for a purely therapeutic situation.Bulgarian Rose...

  • Bulgarian Rose, Rosa damascena

    The rose has traditionally been called the queen of flowers, and in aromatherapy rose oil is often thought of as the queen amongst essential oils. The very high price of rose oil (compared to Rose Absolute, which is an...

  • Persian Rose, Rosa damascena

    Persian Rose can be a little solid at room temperature but this is completely natural, and warming in your hands (or on a radiator in winter) will soon turn it back to a liquid. The fragrance is extremely soft and...

  • Balancing, calming, cooling

    Rose Absolute is an ultra-feminine, spicy-sweet, floral aroma, Rose Blossoms absolute is known as the queen of fragrances. It is ideal for perfumery to enhance and crown almost any fragrant creation. No imitation can come...

  • Turkish Rose, Rosa damascena

    Turkish Rose has the most 'earthy' aroma of all the rose oils. Unmistakeably Rose, but perhaps without some of the vibrancy, colour and textures that other rose oils have. Turkish Rose Rosa damascena (2550) is a pure...

  • White Rose, Rosa alba

    This oil is pure transcendence! It is hard to find too many superlatives to describe it. It is rich, slightly spicy, pure, broad, expansive, wonderful... White Rose Rosa alba (2565) is a pure therapeutic-quality...