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Room Fragrance

room-fragrance.jpgFragrances affect us profoundly - consciously and unconsciously. It is surprising how much benefit and joy can be gained through the intelligent use of fragrance. Oshadhi pure aromatherapy room misters add a charming natural perfume to your living space. All our room misters are made from natural ingredients. Use them to enliven your home with the true scent of nature. Please select from the list below. To find out more about the particular Room Mister, please click on its name.

  • Stimulating, uplifting

    Auto Fresh Spray, (#4501 - 30ml) is a refreshing natural car air freshener. This is just the eye-opener you need to relieve mental fatigue at work, or while studying or driving. A few drops applied to the temples will help...

  • Uplifting for the body, mind and soul.

    Balancing Room Spray (New Formula), (#4506 - 30ml) with Mandarin, Rose Geranium, Sweet Orange and Frankincense is a delightful general purpose room spray, loved by everyone

  • Purifying, uplifting

    Refresh Room Spray, (#4504 - 30ml) is the perfect room air purifier. A refreshing blend of lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, mint aromatherapy essential oils in a natural aerosol to purify stale air. Make your air breathable...

  • Repellent, soothing

    Use this very effective insect repellent to chase away a variety of small bugs, including mosquitoes. A wonderful, natural alternative to harsh chemicals. Spray your clothing, skin, or immediate environment. Apply to bites...

  • Banishes smoke odours

    Tobacco Free Room Spray, (#4505 - 30ml) is a powerful natural room air purifier for neutralising tobacco smoke. A penetrating blend of aromatherapy essential oils in a natural aerosol to purify the air. The cutting influence...

  • Cleansing, repellent

    Wardrobe Fresh Spray, (#4515 - 30ml) is the perfect natural aerosol to help protect your clothes. A clean fresh blend of atlas cedar, texas cedar, juniper aromatherapy essential oils which may also keep the moths at bay. Use...