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I'm a Professional or Enthusiast

Thank you for finding us! We hope this will be the start of a long and happy relationship!

As a professional or long-term enthusiast you will be aware of the importance of finding the right supplier. There is a huge range of qualities of essential oils and you want to find pure, unadulterated oils that express the full energetic vitality of the plant.

Here's our offer to you:

  • Quality: We source almost all of our products direct from the producer thereby minimizing the possibility of adulteration.
  • Quality: We insist on long, slow distillation under gentle temperature and pressure to ensure the full spectrum of compounds
  • Quality: Our oils are hand-bottled to prevent the negative effect of high energy electromagnetic radiation that machines create, and bathed through the night in the melodies of nature.
  • Range: We offer almost 500 different essential oils
  • Service: We will generally be able to ship your order the day we receive it. We don't want you to have to wait!
  • Knowledge: We are enthusiasts and delight in the unfolding of knowledge about essential oils. We share this with you via our weekly newsletter, and hope you will share with us your own recipes and success stories.

Oshadhi came into being simply to make available a huge range of essential oils and other aromatherapy products of the highest energetic value and purity. And with almost 500 different pure essential oils, 75 carrier oils, 80 different hydrolats and a professional spa range, Oshadhi is the natural choice for you as a professional or enthusiast. We supply professionals in many different parts of the world including hospices and research institutes as well as spas and individual massage therapists, and our organic products are certified by two different bodies: Ecocert and Eco Control.

Essential Oils in Complementary Health
im-a-professional.jpgEssential oils are a meeting point for professionals from many different disciplines. They can form the main focus of a treatment regime, or used as an adjunct. Essential oils provide such a powerful element in the hands of a therapist because they work on so many different levels — physical, microbial, muscular, emotional, spiritual — and dis-ease can have its basis in all of these areas. The use of essential oils therefore adds a truly holistic element.

If you are a professional (or are training to be a professional) in the complementary health industry we would love to hear from you. We want to support the use of essential oils in the therapeutic setting, and we are always pleased to hear from professionals, students, researchers, wholesalers and hospices - and other in the areas of health care - who use aromatherapy products. Please contact us for more information.

Free Samples
If you are a professional aromatherapist in the UK who is unfamiliar with Oshadhi and you would like to try a selection of our oils please call us on 01223 242242. We will send you, completely free of charge, three essential oil samples of the finest quality for you to try.

Practitioner Discounts
We offer a special practitioner discount to all professional aromatherapists, aromatherapy students and other professionals involved in the field of complementary health care, and beauty. Please use the contact us form and send further information about your business and qualifications. We also ask you to send us details of your website, or your qualification certificate (or confirmation of your course if you are an aromatherapy student). As soon as we receive this from you, we will allocate you a login code which will allow you to get practitioner prices.

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