Peppermint Essential Oils

peppermint-essential-oils.jpgEveryone knows the smell of peppermint! The essential oil is distinctive, popular and versatile. It supports digestion, respiration, and the muscles and joints, and it uplifts and invigorates a tired mind. It can be sniffed directly from the bottle, used in a car scenter on long journeys to help prevent problems with nausea and fatigue.

Put a drop on the temples or forehead for instant refreshment. Use it in a blend to rub onto the abdomen. This will help settle and cleanse the digestive system. Combine it with lavender in a foot bath for instant vitality and refreshment.

Peppermint blends with sweet fennel and orange for the digestive system; and with ginger, marjoram and lavender in a muscle rub; and eucalyptus and lavender for the lungs. As you can imagine, from an aromatic point of view, it completely overwhelms any blend if you add too much!