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  • Balancing for throat and speech
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Nila / Manya Marma Therapy Oil (8019)

Nila / Manya Marma Oil is for use in connection with Nila, Manya and Sira Matrika marma points, located in the throat area. Nila is called 'blue', the name derives from the blue translucent neck veins. But the throat chakra, that is controlled by Nila, is also described having a blue aura. Manya means glory (which is given to someone who is allowed to hold a speech), but also jaw which describes the location. Sira Matrika means 'mother of the blood vessels' it is an inner Marma that governs the blood vessels of the neck and which consists of four areas on each neck side along the carotid arteries. Nila controls the throat chakra, the thyroid gland, the blood circulation to the brain and speech. It ignites your metabolism, stimulates the circulation and regulates blood flow of the skin (Brajaka). Through Manya run the meridians of stomach, small intestine and colon, who are controlled by the Marma in addition to the salivary glands. Manya controls the water element and has predominantly Kapha features. Nila / Manya soothes heart and mind, good for Sadhaka, Prana, mind, promotes happiness, satisfaction, peace.

Nila / Manya Marma Therapy Oil

Balancing for throat and speech

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Nila / Manya Marma Therapy Oil
Galangal Root, Myrrh, Anise, Rose in a base of Sweet Almond
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