Moorspa Natural Spa Products

MoorSpa is a complete range of 100% natural source spa and skincare products which has two unique features:

  • It is based around the wonderful revitalizing, purifying and nutrient-rich properties of the unique 10,000 year old Deep Moor Essence. Austrian Tiefenmoor, or Deep Moor, is a natural organic peloid, with amazing therapeutic properties.
  • Every product is 100% natural source. Specifically excluded are parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, PEGs, mineral oil, propylene glycol, synthetic colour, synthetic fragrance.

The array of herbal properties, trace elements, biologically active matter and organic substances present in the Moor are highly bioavailable (easily absorbed) to the body either internally or through the skin. Those substances that are required by the body to re-establish balance and health are absorbed. The rest pass through the system unused.

  • The Moor compound is highly anti-inflammatory. One researcher found that Moor baths stimulate the production of cortisones.
  • The Moor is detoxifying. It is highly absorbent of body wastes and other toxic substances in the system.
  • It has a balancing influence on the hormones.
  • The Moor stimulates circulation to the area in which it is applied.
  • Kirlian photographs of Moor samples also reveal that it contains a subtle life energy indicated by strong corona discharges. This energy is also absorbed into the system on a cellular level.

Whether you are a beauty professional or a home user, you can rest assured that each of these 70 pure moor and moor-based products comes with a guarantee that they are pure and free from unnatural additives. Here is a comment from a recent Elixea user:

I have sensitive, slightly red skin and I have suffered from acne over the last year. I bought the radiance serum, moisture cream (oily), skin balm and the normal face mask, and I am convinced they have really made the difference! I have been using them for about 4 weeks now, so very good results! I can honestly say after trying most of the products on the high street that I have finally found some that suit my skin. Thank you for introducing me to Moorspa. -- JP, York