Moor Wellness

moor-wellness.jpgThe Moor was created at the time of the last Ice Age when a glacier was formed over a valley rich in plants, herbs and flowers. Free from the decaying effects of oxygen, the plant matter underwent a transformation process over periods of hundreds or thousands of years into a rich dark brown or black substance with magical properties! In this transformation or ripening process all of the organic and inorganic components within the plants are retained.

The purest and most potent source is the Tiefenmoor from Vorarlberg in Austria. This 'deep' moor is excavated from 60 feet below the surface where it is richest and completely homogeneous, resulting in a natural, cream-like consistency.

Our pure moor wellness products include:

The array of herbal properties, trace elements, biologically active matter and organic substances present in the moor are highly bio-available (easily absorbed) to the body, either internally or through the skin. The substances that are required by the body to re-establish balance and health are absorbed. The rest pass through the system unused.