Men's Fragrances

mens-fragrances1.jpgOshadhi Men's Fragrances will appeal to anyone who loves the sensuality of aroma, but prefers to avoid the heavy artificial fragrances on the market today.

Our Eau de Toilettes are fragrant and refreshing, and contain 70-85% alcohol. Roots is the deepest fragrance with its woody, earthy, spiritual and mysterious quality; Santolin has a slightly smokey aroma carefully balanced with a lemon top note; while Santalia with sandalwood, rose and cedar, manages to combine a male aroma with a floral quality. Aftershave extra has a deep rich magnificent earthy and spiritual quality, with its frankincense, vetiver and sandalwood, while the Eau de Cologne is a wonderfully refreshing natural fragrance with a citrus aroma.  Splash on after a shower or any time of the day to revive and lift the spirits. They also acts as natural skin care product to tone and invigorate the skin.