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meditation.jpgThere are certain plants which have played a part in many spiritual traditions throughout the world. Whether used in incense or as anointing oils, these precious wood resins appear closely associated with our quest for higher knowledge. You will experience how the blends listed below enhance those reflective moments when one seeks inner peace. Meditation is the best-selling spiritual synergy blend. Please select from the list below. Click on the product name for more detailed information. See also How to use essential oils and how to use synergy blends.

  • Composure - A blend for Pitta

    will settle down thoughts of irritability and fire. It will cool and soften the feelings and warm the heart. It is designed to suit the ayurvedic 'pitta' body type.Composure - A blend for Pitta, (4616).

  • Grounding, strengthening, balancing

    brings together woods, roots, and resins to promote understanding and insight for your life's journey. Providing strength and stability, this deep, warm synergy has a hint of brightness to punctuate its enlightening...

  • Deepening, peaceful

    provides the enduring spirit of resin and wood and focuses the mind and deepens the breath to support a rich, contemplative life. Peaceful, consistent, and compelling for higher pursuits. Use one drop on the scalp, on the...

  • Peace of Mind - A blend for Vata

    will reassure and comfort, grounding and adding ease, optimism and stability. It is designed to suit the ayurvedic 'vata' body type.Peace of Mind - A blend for Vata, (4614).

  • Vitality - A blend for Kapha

    will cut through any feelings of inertia, and add lightness and purpose to your day. It is designed to suit the ayurvedic 'kapha' body type.Vitality - A blend for Kapha, (4617).