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massage.jpgOshadhi aromatherapy massage oils harness the luxury, fragrance and benefit of pure essential oils for special effects, emotional, mental, and physical. They contain combinations of the finest essential oils in a carrier oil base so you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy massage blends without having to have trained as an aromatherapist.

Here is a range of pre-blended oils, designed for your lifestyle. All contain 10-13% essential oils in a base of organic sesame, hazelnut and sunflower oils. A normal 'all body' massage blend would contain 3% essential oils, so dilute these blends one part Oshadhi massage oil with 2-3 parts carrier oil such as sweet almond unless you are using the oil for local (topical) application.

Some blends also contain Jojoba and Rosa Rubiginosa (Rose Hip Seed) oils. Please select a massage oil from the list below. To find out more about the blend, please click on its name. Please see how to use essential oils for more information.

  • Sensual, relaxing, romantic

    1001 Nights Massage Oil (5620) 1001 Nights is the basis for a truly sensual massage! Aromatherapy essential oils Jasmine, Rose Oil, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang are renowned for their aphrodisiac qualities! The addition of...

  • Warming, anti-inflammatory

    After Sport Massage Oil (5605) After Sport Massage Oil is perfect to use after exercise to soothe sore muscles. This organic massage oil contains a combination of pure essential oils that are said to ease inflammation and...

  • Warming, relaxing

    Back Massage Oil (5650) Back Massage Oil for a soothing back massage. Soothe backache and ease back stiffness with this blend of warming, relaxing aromatherapy essential oils. Back ache can be one of the symptoms of stress...

  • Buff off those dead skin cells with this luxurious cream, using ground walnut shells to exfoliate and rich olive oil to moisturize, your skin will be feeling soft and looking radiant.

    Body Scrub Cream (m235 - 200ml) This natural exfoliator both moisturizes and removes dead skin cells with the exfoliating action of ground walnut shells. The result - healthy, smooth and radiant skin. Key Features: -...

  • Refreshing, stimulating, anti-infection

    Foot Care Massage Oil (5640) Foot Care is formulated for general foot care and foot infections.This wonderful foot massage oil for soothing tired feet. A refreshing and stimulating blend of antiseptic aromatherapy essential...

  • Soothing, warming

    Joint Massage Oil (5645) Joint Massage Oil is for a soothing oil massage. Joint pain can be debilitating and cause tiredness. Joint Massage combines aromatherapy essential oils to in a perfect blend of pure essential oils in...

  • Massage Balm - Aroma Free

    Massage Balm - Aroma Free (m262 - 160ml) Moor Spa Massage Balms are a 100% natural combination of plant and nut oils, beeswax, shea butter and moor peat. A unique blending process results in an exquisite balm with maximum...

  • Moonstone Massage Oil (New Formula)

    Moonstone Massage Oil (New Formula) (5625) Moonstone brings deep relaxation. If you're searching for a way to relax or for peace of mind, Oshadhi Moonstone can help! It's a wonderfully relaxing combination of aromatherapy...

  • Mother Care Massage Oil

    Mother Care Massage Oil (A5600) Mother Care is for smooth skin. A luxurious and nurturing aromatherapy massage oil for smooth skin after you've given birth. We don't guarantee that Oshadhi Mother Care will make your stretch...

  • Precious Herbs Massage Oil

    Precious Herbs Massage Oil (5685) This blend contains rosemary, lavender, lemon mint, and cypress in a blend of carrier oils. Use it to vitalise, energise, and stimulate blood circulation.

  • Relaxing Massage Oil

    Relaxing Massage Oil (5660) This is a profoundly relaxing blend. When you're stressed and anxious, this could be just the relaxation therapy you need! It's well know that an oil massage can help alleviate the effects of...

  • Subtle, gentle

    Sensitive Massage Oil (5700) Sensitive Massage Oil is designed for a soothing massage. Sensitive skin loves a massage! And this gentle, soothing aromatherapy massage oil has been especially blended for any delicate,...

  • Cleansing, detoxifying, smoothing

    Silhouette Massage Oil (5615) Silhouette helps fight cellulite. This detoxifying combination of aromatherapy essential oils should also be part of your natural detox programme! The appearance of cellulite can be embarrassing...

  • Calming, relaxing

    Stress Free Massage Oil (5600) Stress Free Massage Oil brings natural stress relief. If you're feeling tense and anxious, unwind with this beautifully relaxing organic massage oil. Whether you're suffering from work-related...

  • Relaxing, calming

    Sweet Repose Massage Oil (5665) Sweet Repose is a Sleep Aid. A relaxing combination of aromatherapy essential oils to help you go to sleep. Sleep problems can be debilitating. When you're tired it's harder for the mind and...