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masks.jpgMasks are great for lifting out impurities, but only the best masks additionally put something back. The pure Moor Facial Mask is really the key product in the Elixea range. If you want to really understand the driving power behind the skin rejuvenation effect of Elixea, then you should give it a try. All the masks we offer are highly bio-active, and their rich blend of vegetable and mineral substances will deeply nourish and revitalize tired skin, radiating vitality and well-being.

Select according to skintype from the list below.

  • Kelzyme Mask

    Kelzyme Mask, (#m107 - 80ml) This unique mask enlivens the skin with sea kelp, enzymes and minerals for superior exfoliation, skin tightening, cleansing and improved skin tone. Good for all skin types. Key Features: -...

  • Soothing Gel Mask

    Soothing Gel Mask, (#m106 - 50ml) Deeply soothing extracts reduce irritation, redness and puffiness. Excellent after sun exposure, environmental damage or cosmetic skin procedures. Good for all skin types. Key Features: -...

  • Cream Mask

    Cream Mask, (#m102 - 50ml) , an alternative to the pure moor mask, is a combination of moor peat and a soothing cream base for dry to sensitive skin. Its more gentle action is ideally suited to this skin type. Professional...

  • Facial Mask

    Facial Mask, (#m101 - 80ml) is for all skin types, and consists solely of the vital moor peat which deeply nourishes and replenishes, making the skin look and feel incredibly soft, firm and radiant. Instructions: Mix 1...

  • Peel Off Mask

    Peel Off Mask, (#m105 - 480ml) Formulated to seal in moisture as it sets. The Clay and Moor Peat combination is wonderful for skin purification, while retaining moisture. It is suggested to use the Peel Off Mask after...