Marma Oils

marma-category.jpgmarma.jpgMarmas are sensitive areas on the body which can be stimulated in a gentle but powerful way in order to remove blockages and enhance the flow of energy (prana or chi) in the body.

Sometimes there is confusion about the relationship between the Chakras and Marmas. In fact Chakras are energy centres located on the spine, while marmas are the points on the skin. The seven Mahamarma points 'great Marma points' correspond of course with the seven Chakras, and seven Mahamarma Oils have been developed for treating these points on the skin. Ayurveda actually specifies 107 different Marma points. For more information please see a more detailed explanation about marma therapy.

Ayurvedic texts state that 'Marma is the seat of Life', and the Marma points can be gently stimulated using a specific technique developed by Dr Ernst Schrott which is known as Sukshma Marma Therapy®. Sukshma Marma Therapy® involves the use of specific blends of essential oils which are listed on this page. There is one oil for each of the Mahamarma oils (corresponding to the Chakras), and various other oils for specific points or conditions. Dr Schrott has also written a book on marma therapy which offers a wealth of practical advice on how to use marma points for self- and partner-treatment.