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Marma Oils

marma-category.jpgmarma.jpgMarmas are sensitive and very powerful areas on the body which can be stimulated in a gentle but powerful way in order to remove blockages and stale energy, and enhance the flow of energy in the body.

Sometimes there is confusion about the relationship between the Chakras and Marmas. In fact Chakras are energy centres located on the spine, while marmas are the points on the skin. The seven 'Mahamarma' points (important marma points) correspond with the seven Chakras, and in all Ayurveda specifies 107 different marma points. For more information please see a more detailed explanation about marma therapy.

According to Ayurveda 'Marma is the seat of Life', and the Marma points can be gently stimulated using a specific technique developed by Dr Ernst Schrott which is known as Sukshma Marma Therapy®. Sukshma Marma Therapy® involves the use of specific blends of essential oils which are listed on this page. There is one oil for each of the Mahamarma oils (corresponding to the chakras), and some other oils for specific points or conditions. Dr Schrott has also written a book on marma therapy which offers a wealth of practical advice on how to use marma points for self- and partner-treatment.

  • Clarifying, calming, balancing, soothing

    Adhipati Marma Oil is for use in connection with Adhipati marma point, located near the top of the head. Adhipati is called the 'supreme ruler'. Due to its position at the top, this Marma ensures like the president of a...

  • Opening respiration and strengthening immune system

    Adiprana Marma Oil would be used to support all aspects of the respiratory system, and can be used on all the sinus points.Adiprana Marma Therapy Oil, (8015).

  • To balance the cold, dry, emotional 'vata' feeling

    Basti Marma Oil is for use in connection with Basti marma point, one of the 'Maha' (great) marma points. Basti is called 'bladder', but also 'home'. It is the seat of government of the great tendon marma, the bladder...

  • Mentally stabilizing

    Guda Marma Oil is for use in connection with Guda marma point, the 'root' marma located near the anus and pelvic floor. Guda controls the first Chakra and like the bladder Marma is involved in control of excretory...

  • Soothing for heart and mind

    Hridaya Marma Oil is for use in connection with Adipathi marma point, one of the 'Maha' (great) marma points, located in the heart region. The heart is seen in Ayurveda as the seat of the soul (Atma). Hridaya is the most...

  • To help all marma treatments

    Indra Royal Marma Oil can be used as a kind of a catalyst to increase potency of treatments where this is needed. It can be applied on the Indrabasti points, one of the intermediary stations of the arm between the major...

  • For happiness and to support the immune system

    Mahaojas Marma Oil has been developed to promote Ojas in the body. Ojas is the 'unifying substance' between mind and body, the finest product of digestion. It is also like light, shining from consciousness into the body,...

  • Promotes healthy digestion

    Nabhi Marma Oil is for use in connection with Nabhi marma point. Nabhi is a big blood vessel Marma around the navel which is itself the centre of this Marma. Nabhi controls the third Chakra, Manipura. This wheel spins when...

  • For insomnia and to calm the mind.

    Nidramarma Marma Oil can be used as a Vata-soothing oil. This means situations that require a warming, antispasmodic, calming heavy oil, for example to support deep sleep, or smooth menstrual cycle.Nidramarma Marma Therapy...

  • Balancing for throat and speech

    Nila / Manya Marma Oil is for use in connection with Nila, Manya and Sira Matrika marma points, located in the throat area. Nila is called 'blue', the name derives from the blue translucent neck veins. But the throat...

  • Energetic scar treatment

    Ropana Marma Oil can be used on the site of operations, surgergy, etc in order to improve energy flow in these areas.Ropana Marma Therapy Oil, (8026).

  • Sadhaka - Emotional Relief - Marma Therapy Oil

    Sadhaka - Emotional Relief - Marma Oil has been created to pacify a particular subdosha of Pitta which is called Sadhaka, and has its main action on the heart. Sadh means to achieve or fulfill and this subdosha relates to...

  • Bringing silence and peace

    Shanti Om Marma Oil , as its name implies, has been created to help restore peace. This means peaceful mind, and to counterract grief, sorrow, and nervous disorders.Shanti Om Marma Therapy Oil, (8016).

  • Clarity of mind, reduces worrying

    Sthapani Marma Oil is for use in connection with Sthapani marma point, one of the 'Maha' (great) marma points, located at the 'third eye'. Sthapani means 'that which is steady and stable, giving strength and direction'. The...

  • For joints and spine

    Sushumna Marma Oil can be used for treatments on the spine and joints. Sushumna is one of the major energy channels which supplies first the central Marmas and the seven chakras which are connected to them.Sushumna Marma...

  • To relax tension in the neck

    Udana Marma Oil can be used to balance Udana. Udana is one of the subdoshas of Vata, and it relates to self expression, will power, and also the complexion.Udana Marma Therapy Oil, (8012).