Marma Course Testimonials

'Very good course, have been practising marma on everyone - will report on results  - so far excellent. Thanks.' -- J.P., Lancashire

'I am so grateful to Ernst for his teaching and for the healing I experienced. Thank you too for organising the course so well.' -- F.P., Leicestershire

'Great course, thank you for organising it - and it allowed me to meet some wonderful people, so an added bonus.' -- A.J., Brighton

'I must say Marma got under my skin ;))) I cannot stop thinking about it! I have already tried some movements on my yoga teacher/friend.' -- M.K., London

'I really enjoyed the weekend... I have had two miracles so far already with the treatment which I totally resonate with, it's almost as if I did this before in another life! I can't wait to use the oils and have some more information about the content of the blends. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.' -- B.H., Lancashire

'I really enjoyed the course an want to explore further and deeper.' -- P.G. Hertfordshire

'Thank you very much for everything. I really had fantastic experience through the course. In the beginning, I was a little bit nervous but gradually get used to the atmosphere in the class. Everyone who participates the course was really kind and so nice to me even though I don't have that much  experience. I was really surprised the power of marma therapy. (On Sunday, after the course I gave a treatment to my partner and he was really impressed the change in his body after having it.)' -- J.K., London

'Thank you again for a great course... As it was so good, there are now more questions and lots of info to digest...!' -- A.K. London

'Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful course and for inviting me.' -- E.Y., London

'The course was very special and such lovely people and exceptional teacher.' -- F.S., London

'It was such a great course! Well done and well done Ernst.' -- P.B., Devon