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Joint & Muscle

joint-muscle2.jpgEssential oils can have the effect of supporting the joints and muscles through the effect they have of increasing blood flow to the affected area. The products in this section can help.

  • Soothing, warming

    Joint Massage Oil, (#5645 - 50ml) is for a soothing oil massage. Joint pain can be debilitating and cause tiredness. Joint Massage combines aromatherapy essential oils to in a perfect blend of pure essential oils in a...

  • Joint Balm

    Joint Balm, (#m236 - 120ml) combines the therapeutic properties of moor water with 20% MSM - a rich source of organic sulphur, and devil's claw extract. Use as a support for all types of muscle & joint pain. Instructions For...

  • Relaxing, warming, stimulating

    Tension Balm, (#m237 - 50ml) This unique balm may help to soothe muscular tension. Particularly recommended for tension in the head, neck and shoulders. Combines revitalizing Moor water with a wealth of soothing extracts...