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Inhalation Patches

inhalation-patches.jpgThese personal vapour delivery patches allow you to gain the benefit of inhaling essential oils without the need for those around you to be aware of the aroma.

Simply unpack the patch from its sealed container and apply it to your chest. You will enjoy the benefit of the essential oil vapour for up to eight hours. (There is also a blank patch which allows you to apply your own favourite oils.)

These patches are becoming widely used in hospital and hospice care, allowing patients to benefit from inhaling essential oils of their choice without others being affected.

  • Vapour Inhalation Patch Blank

    Vapour Inhalation Patch Blank (BS100) Vapour Inhalation Patch Blank is an innovative product which allows you to breathe in essential oil vapours and receive the benefit of the oils on-the-go, in a clinical setting or at...