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  • Soothing for heart and mind
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Hridaya Marma Therapy Oil (8020)

Hridaya Marma Oil is for use in connection with Hridaya marma point, one of the 'Maha' (great) marma points, located in the heart region. The heart is seen in Ayurveda as the seat of the soul (Atma). Hridaya is the most important of all Marmas, because from it come all connections to all other marmas. Hridaya controls all the energy pathways and Marmas of the organism and also the great vessels for the blood transport, the respiratory system, the lymphatic system, the channels for distribution of the first essence of food (Rasa). The heart is the headquarter of Ojas, the basis of immunity, happiness, health and vitality. Its Marma controls the 4th Chakra and is the seat of emotional intelligence (Sadhaka Pitta). Hridaya soothes heart and mind, good for Sadhaka, Prana, mind, promotes happiness, satisfaction, and peace.

Hridaya Marma Therapy Oil

Soothing for heart and mind

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Hridaya Marma Therapy Oil
Kewra, Sandalwood, Lavender, Rose, Ylang Ylang in a base of Sweet Almond
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