Eucalyptus Essential Oils

eucalyptus-essential-oils2.jpgThere are many hundreds of varieties of eucalyptus trees, almost all of which originate from Australia. The main feature of eucalyptus essential oils are their antiseptic properties, and the main actions of eucalyptus are on the respiratory system and, because of their warming quality, on the muscles. They can also be used as an insect deterrent.

Imagine you can sense the warm summer breeze blowing through the russling eucalyptus leaves, and you can see that this is an oil associated with generating feelings of freedom, and it will suit you if you are ready for new horizons.

We offer many different species of eucalyptus, so select according to aromatic value and required action. Depending on the action required you may try blending with other eucalyptus oils, with lavender, tea-tree, cajeput, niaouli and other inhalation oils.