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Essential Oil Sets

eo-sets1.jpgEach of these sets provides a perfect platform to launch a journey into the world of essential oils. They are designed to fit in with the requirement of many courses. If you need something a little different for your course please feel free to contact us and we will try to put something special together for you.

  • Essential Oil Blends Set

    Essential Oil Blends Set (SP1131) Student Essential Oils Blends Kit is a set of pre-blended oils with a carrier oil designed for students who do not yet have the training to blend essential oils themselves. It contains three...

  • Essential Oils Set 1

    Essential Oils Set 1 (SP1127) Student Essential Oils Kit 1 is a perfect affordable starter kit of the finest quality essential oils for anyone wanting to develop their interest.  Suitable for most aromatherapy...

  • Essential Oils Set 2

    Essential Oils Set 2 (SP1128) Student Essential Oils Kit 2 combines with Essential Oils Set 1 to complete the required oils for many courses. They also make a perfect starter set for anyone developing an interest in...

  • Essential Oils Set 3

    Essential Oils Set 3 (SP1129) Student Essential Oils Kit 3 fulfils the supplementary requirements for many aromatherapy courses. It is also ideal for enthusiasts wishing to expand their knowledge to include a greater range...

  • Essential Oils Set 4

    Essential Oils Set 4 (SP1130) Student Essential Oils Kit 4 is a more advanced set of oils for those wishing to expand their horizons in aromatherapy. It may also appeal to enthusiasts who would like to broaden their...