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Essential Oil Selections

Oshadhi offers almost 500 different essential oils. Of these 75% are either certified organic or are wild-crafted. They come to us directly from the grower (and that means growers that we know) so as to ensure purity. And everything is thoroughly tested using a variety of methods.

Distillation is slow, under low pressure and low temperature to produce the best quality, and the oils are hand bottled so as to avoid interference from high energy electromagnetic radiation, and preserve the delicate energetic quality.

Such a large range gives you plenty of choice. But this can also be a challenge. On this page we have tried to help you by giving you some suggested selections, based on different interest areas. Please click on one of the links below. Or you can of course always use the search box above, and search by common name, by botanical name, or by product number if you know it.

Sub Categories of Essential Oil Selections