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energise.jpgThere are days and times when we all need a gentle boost. The blends below are effective pick-me-ups. Energy: Vitality is our best selling synergy blend in this range. Please select a synergy blend from the list below. Click on the product name for more detailed information. See also Using Synergy Blends Daily. Please select from the list below. Click on the product name for more detailed information. See also How to use essential oils and how to use synergy blends.

  • for mental focus

    Concentration is a synergy which has been carefully blended to restore balance when the mind wavers.Concentration, (4071).

  • Uplifting, strengthening.

    Energy: Vitality embodies the choreography and vigour of the botanical world bathed in pure sunlight. Energetic and bright, it uplifts and strengthens the spirit, and promotes emotional equilibrium. Put a few drops in ...

  • Lifting, stimulating

    Focus is a great choice if you have to study late or have to burn the midnight oil. Everyone finds that concentration can tend to waver after a certain time. Rather than reach for a caffeine hit, why not try Focus? With its...

  • Fresh & Fit

    Fresh & Fit with its herbaceous and minty aroma, is one for the sporty set. It can be used in deep massage rubs to prepare for competition, and it is wonderfully soothing for tired muscles after exercise.Fresh & Fit, ...

  • Morning Mist: Motivation

    Morning Mist: Motivation conjures up the image of crisp early morning light. Start the day on a bright, encouraging note with a few drops in a diffuser, in a morning bath, or as a body splash after a shower. Mist the office...

  • Rejuvenation

    Rejuvenation is bright, fresh, light and slightly sweet: basic, uncomplicated, and completely focused. The essential blend for physical and psychological renewal and restoration. Use in a warm bath at the end of a taxing...

  • Revitalizing

    Revitalizing is warm, light, and slightly spicy. These meadow plants charge the system with the same vital energy they express as they flourish in natural habitats. Use in a base oil for daytime full-body massage or as a...

  • Three Suns: Deep Warmth

    Three Suns: Deep Warmth is a deeply warming synergy created from botanicals from three solar regions. Use as a bath or massage oil for sore muscles and joints, especially when the body feels colcl.A lovely way to fragrance...