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diffusers1.jpgIt's amazing how responsive we all are to fragrance. Irrespective of any memories it may trigger, aromas have an immediate and direct effect on our state of mind and body (via neural pathways which go direct to the brain). Create the mood that you want in your own space with these diffusers, and enjoy the benefit and beauty of essential oils at the same time. Use them in conjunction with single essential oils, essential oil blends, or create your own unique blend. See also How to use essential oils.

  • Car Scenter

    Car Scenter is the perfect car air freshener from our range of innovative aromatherapy diffusers. Surround yourself with mood-enhancing natural fragrances whenever you're on the road. Simply apply a few drops (2 to 5) of...

  • Car Scenter Refills

    These Refills are for use with the Car Scenter aromatherapy diffuser which comes with five refill pads. Each Car Scenter Refills pack contains a further 10 pads for your car air freshener. If you like to use a variety of...

  • Cool Breeze Microdiffuser

    This Microdiffuser is a great way to enjoy the magic of essential oils without using heat. It has two modes, constant or interval diffusion, and works with any USB power supply. It is easy to refill and can be used with 5...

  • Diffuser Crystal with Wooden Base (UK plug)

    Diffuser Crystal with Wooden Base (UK plug) uses microdiffusing technology (no ultrasound so preserving the subtle energy of the oils). Diffuser Crystal with Wooden Base (UK plug), (7025).

  • Oshadhi Fragrance Strips

    Oshadhi Fragrance Strips come in a booklet of 60 Oshadhi branded fragrance strips. The aroma of an essential oil changes over time, and sampling it via a fragrance strip gives a more reliable experience of its aromatic...