Cistus Hydrosol Energetic Benefits

Here's a message from a client about Cistus Hydrosol:

Hi Jonathan, I was fascinated by your own account of using Cistus Hydrosol spray at the end of a particularly full day of working with clients and how you literally heard stuff thudding into the floor. I felt that I must give it a try.

I have to say that I have been delighted with the results – both for myself and with clients. It really does have an amazing ability to disperse negative energies and now forms a stable part of my repertoire. Perhaps just one particularly striking example will suffice.

One of my clients is a kinesiologist who is particularly sensitive to energies. She was going through a very acrimonious divorce and I used the Cistus spray in her aura as a preliminary 1st step in her treatment. She stood there, eyes closed, for about 20 minutes gently adjusting her posture. As I watched I saw her aura lighten until it became very bright, especially around her head. Her own  comment was: “Wow, that was phenomenal! So much stuff has dropped away.”

So I have to say that now I would not be without it and it has the added benefit of being something that clients can easily do for themselves at home as and when needed.

-- J.G., Kent