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Aroma Balancing

aroma.jpgThe life enhancing properties of essential oils blended together in aromatherapy create a state of balance and well-being through the sense of smell and absorption through the skin. Drawing from traditional lore and modern research The Elixea Aroma Balancing System offers 8 therapeutic blends designed to synergize with the Moor products and treatments. Each blend resonates with a specific aspect or quality of the physiology:

The blends contains up to 15 individual essential oils which have been expertly hand-blended to create exquisite aromas with specific therapeutic effects.

A few precious drops of the desired essential oil formula can be added to a massage lotion and used for facial, body, foot or scalp massage. The oils may also be added to a Facial Mask or used in a diffuser.

  • Circulation Formula

    Circulation Formula (m301 - 10ml) Resonates with the Circulatory System. Key Features: - Geranium: encourages blood and lymph circulation. - Grapefruit: circulation and digestion stimulant. - Lemon: stimulates circulation,...

  • Dermal Formula

    Dermal Formula (m306 - 10ml) Resonates with the skin. Key Ingredients: - Bergamot: helpful for all types of skin conditions. - Carrot Seed: to keep the skin smooth and for its anti-ageing properties. - Frankincense: for...

  • Respiratory Formula

    Respiratory Formula (m303 - 10ml) Resonates with the Respiratory system. Key Features: - Eucalyptus: anti-viral and decongestant. - Tea-tree: anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, anti-infectious. - Peppermint:...

  • Sleep / Relax Formula

    Sleep / Relax Formula (m307 - 10ml) Resonates with the functions of relaxation, anti-stress and sleep. Key Ingredients: - Benzoin: soothing, comforting and warming. - Roman Camomile: calms the emotions, relaxes and aids...