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  • Clarifying, calming, balancing, soothing
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Adhipati Marma Therapy Oil (8017)

Adhipati Marma Oil is for use in connection with Adhipati marma point, located near the top of the head. Adhipati is called the 'supreme ruler'. Due to its position at the top, this Marma ensures like the president of a country, that the government rules according to the constitution for the people. Adhipati controls the 7th Chakra Sahasrara, the pineal gland, the nervous system as a whole, the lubrication of the brain, the power of thought Prana, and feeling Sadhaka and the primary elements of life for health, happiness and strength (Ojas, Agni and Prana). Sthapani is clarifying, calming, balancing, soothing to mind and higher spirit. It promotes stillness in wakefulness, and can be used as a starter to calm the mind, to balance all marmas.

Adhipati Marma Therapy Oil

Clarifying, calming, balancing, soothing

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Adhipati Marma Therapy Oil
Rosewood, Lavender, Lotus in a base of Sweet Almond
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