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Essential News

Thyme: One Plant - So Many Expressions

Everyone wants it to be July or August when they visit Provence. At this time the lavender harvest is in full swing, the yellowish soil has been baked to a dry crustiness like a loaf of w …


Three stages to understand Lavandin

It sometimes seems that our understanding of Lavandin can go through three stages.The first is to see it as a type of Lavender. This is completely understandable because it has an aroma which i …


About Our Essential Oils

  • 500 essential oils, 80 hydrolats, 60 carrier oils.
  • Bottling and storage for maximum energetic value. Thoroughly tested.
  • 70% organic or wild-crafted. All Therapeutic Grade.
  • Sourced direct from the grower. Guaranteed pure & unadulterated.
  • Long, slow distillation under low temperature and pressure.